Our Pricing

We can provide an exact price if you email with details of date, timings, postcode, what the event is, approximate number of guests and whether you want an attendance quote with guests buying their own or whether you want a price that includes the ice cream for guests.
To give you a rough idea though, please see below 

A gentle reminder that Elsie has very small headlights so i have reached the decision NOT to do evening event where travel home will be after dusk. 
Therefore, in summer, our latest leave time would be around 7pm 


We love to attend parties big and small. As a price gauge, for us to do a 'pop by' to a party with 20 guests staying around 20-30 mins within  Berkhamsted the cost is £40 plus £3 per person [£100] 

For bigger parties, then pricing is £30-£50 an hour, depending on numbers, plus £3 per person allowing one icecream each 

  Fete's, Fairs and Charity Events 

Depending on distance, number of expected attendees and length of event, we aim to waiver attendance fee and, if we make a profit, will make a donation to the Charity. 

Corporate Events 

We will charge an attendance fee of £30 - £50 an hour, depending on the number of guests and distance travelled,  plus £3 per person for pre paid ice creams, allowing for one per person.

 [If the distance is over 15 miles from Berkhamsted there is also a charge of £2 per mile each way.]


Weddings, Civil Partnerships and Celebrations 

We try and keep prices equitable with our other pricing and don't over inflate just because its your big day. For us to attend for a 2 hour period we charge £100 attendance fee plus £3 per icecream [this based on 120 guests and within 15 miles of Berkhamsted] 

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