Elsie's Prices            

Pricing is very much dependent on the event, the number of people and how far Elsie has to travel.  Sadly, due to her age, she doesn’t like traveling much more than 30 miles from home. 

Here is a rough idea of costs but please  email me to get a more accurate quote.


   Gorgeous Brides and Bridesmaids indulging in Elsie's delights 

Elsie can make an appearance while the photos are being taken, or maybe she can be dessert or add some excitement in the gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening party? She will always make a show stopping appearance playing traditional ice cream music. She will come dressed for the occasion in her best bunting. She will serve ice creams to all your guests and pose for photos for up to 2 hours. To give you an idea of price, the cost for up to 120 guests, for up to 2 hrs, within 20 miles of her home in Berkhamsted would be £440


    Fetes, Fairs and Corporate Events


Elsie will attend Charity events FREE of charge [but she is not licensed to street trade so can’t trade from the road or from council land without council permission or an events license]

If it is a charity event she will make a donation from her ice cream sales to the charity.

Again, Elsie will always come dressed in her best bunting and ready to show off!  


          Private Functions         


Pricing for these are similar to weddings but may be less depending on numbers of guests, distance from Berkhamsted and how long you would like Elsie to attend for.     

Children’s Parties        

Elsie loves to pop along to a party and will always announce her arrival by playing her traditional ice cream van tune. She loves to dress up in her best bunting and displays a celebratory message on her window


For weekday daytime or after school childrens parties within Berkhamsted / Northchurch we charge just £30  attendance fee - plus £2.50 per person for an ice cream with sprinkles or mini marshmallows as optional toppings. [minimum 10 people]  

Prices for Weekend and Evening parties will have higher attendance fee