Elsie's Ice Cream


Elsie will be serving ice cream home made by Mario who owns the gorgeous ice cream parlour MARIOS of Berkhamsted. [previously known as SCOOPS]  This is the Italian  Gelato style of Ice Cream and will be made especially for Elsie for each event. No mass produced ice cream. Mario's ice cream is the ultimate in fresh and will usually be made just a few days before Elsie brings it to you.  MARIOS offers a range of flavours. We stock as standard Chunky Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Minto Choc Chip and Mango Sorbet. If you would like to switch any of these for an alternative from Marios site we would need one months notice and there would be an addition charge of £25 per swap. Just click on MARIOS  to go straight to their list of flavours and more details about their ice cream. 

JUST A TASTER of the FLAVOUR options

Chunky Chocolate        Snickers                                Mint Choc Chip

Coconut Bounty            Oreo Cookie Crunch                   Toffee Fudge

Pistachio                        Rum and Raisin                    Salted Caramel

Rainbow Heaven                    Banoffe                                 Lemon Sorbet

Forest Berry sorbet      Strawberry Yogurt                      Cappuccio

The 6 flavours we carry as standard are all gluten free and the mango sorbet is dairy free so suitable for vegans [and very crummy!]                                                  

To make Elsie's image totally authentic, ice cream will be served by us eccentric ice cream ladies, wearing a totally fetching frilly pinafore and hat!



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